Monday, 16 July 2012

Alternate sources of energy.

Aim of project: Our projects aim to find alternate sources of energy to the school such as solar or wind energy. Amongst this two, we feel that solar is a much more viable solution as the price of solar panel has been going downhill. Now is the time for the school to use solar energy instead of using wind energy and hydroelectricity (which is just impossible)

How do we plan to execute the project: First, we are going to do research on solar energy and find out all we can about it. Then, we progress to plan on how we can integrate solar energy into the school. We will also check its efficiently and what benefits solar energy have (free energy source, reduce electricity bills, one-off investment)

Research Questions: 
Benefits of solar?
How much does solar cost?
What could be done to better integrate solar into our school?
How to make the school accept solar?
Why did SST abandoned plans for solar in the first place?
What is solar?

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